Noisefloor Productions owned and operated in Columbus Ohio by me, Andrew MacGregor. Noisefloor Productions specializes in the field recording of Pipe Organs and the Human voice, from one voice to a chorus of hundreds. I have also produced many non-live recordings for various musicians for various purposes; Personal recordings for friends and family, or for sale; Organ/Piano/Voice Contest Entry submissions, and so on. While I do specialize, I am pleased to record almost anything at your location; from small groups of acoustic instruments to drum circles, ambient performance art or spoken word. I have also been doing voice-over work for commercial, industrial and non-profit organizations, for videos and interactive telephone systems for nearly 30 years. I can transcribe older media to digital, and can provide you with standard Audio CDs, higher-quality Audio-DVD, or nearly any digital format available.

The story of Noisefloor Productions, its mission, and how it came to be is the tale of my own life. My musical career began with piano lessons at a young age. I joined my family's church choir as a boy soprano. That was about the time I began to discover the endless mysteries of electricity and electronics, radio, including tape recorders!

I also acquired a great love of the pipe organ around then. One of the assistant Scout Masters in my Boy Scout troop was rebuilding an Aeolian player pipe organ in his folks home: The Schott residence in the West side of Cincinnati. Since then, I've built my own humble pipe organ, which currently takes up a remarkably large part of my living room.

From the time I was small to the present, I have sung in various choirs and choruses. In the late 1990s, I tried out for, and was accepted to, the North Coast Men's Chorus. At the time, the chorus was going through some changes, and had an Interim Director: Richard Cole. There were perhaps 40 men in the group at the time I joined.

I did not expect a life-changing experience, but I certainly received one. I have never had such a positive experience. The love of music, dance and art, the celebrations of all of life's trials and joys, the mutual support - I saw as foundational to creating, supporting and celebrating the gay experience. I soon wanted to share this amazing chorus to people outside the gay community. Not too surprisingly, I wanted to do this by recording them.

During the time I was with the North Coast Men's Chorus, it grew to 80 or more singers. They had a few recordings produced. Hearing these recordings produced by others, I was never quite satisfied. I was not hearing in the recordings what I was hearing as a singer or audience member. Even audio engineers of well-known reputation seemed to miss the mark, to my ears anyway.

My frustration quietly remained until one day I decided to see if I could capture and reproduce what I was hearing. I began to find the highest quality equipment I could find (and afford!) In the many years that have passed since then, I continued to learn and tweak my hardware inventory. Soon, my pipe organ productions were heard on American Public Media's Pipedreams, hosted by Michael Barone. My work can be heard on WOSU's Classical101, on Christopher Purdy's Music in Mid-Ohio.

I believe that being both a musician and a hardware geek gives me the tools I need to produce musically satisfying recordings of traditionally challenging events and locations, whether for broadcast on FM radio, or CD or MP3 player. My goal is to not get in the way of the music. I feel that any post production done must be done to remove something that is in the way of the music, not to provide artificial color, ambiance or other digital tricks. Certainly, they have their place in some applications, but I do not feel they are generally helpful in Sacred and Classical music.

Thank you,
Andrew MacGregor




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Oh, by the way, I used to keep a blog dedicated to "gathering, creating and using found sound and collected noises". It is not gone - it is here.

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