It's been a while since I visited the local flea market mall. There are hundreds of stalls. People load each one up with whatever they are trying to sell. It's immensely absorbing. Recently I found a small open reel tape recorder, with two reels of tape! It was fifteen bucks, and it works, too.

Tape Recorder
More than that, the tapes have stuff on them. One event is Christmas 1966. Mom, Dad, Grandma and what sounds like two kids are there. There's wrapping paper being crumpled, one of the kids sings (screams) a few Christmas carols. It's a pretty noisy tape.

The other is a nearly complete recording of a rather familiar radio voice. This is from an album I cannot identify. He rails about Khrushchev and the Cold War, Congress, social ills, and so on. It's very Randian, actually. I find it fascinating.

Christmas 1966 , Mono  21.3 mB, MP3, 128kbps,  Length 22:44

Radio Voice, vinyl LP, 1960-1969? , Mono 34.3 mB, MP3, 128kbps,  Length 25:47