I never know when or where I'll be surprised by some new sound, yet it almost always is a surprise. It happened again while attending to some seasonal errands at the nearby craft store. This time it was a package of 50 or so medium size jingle bells. They were packed pretty tightly, and didn't make much of the usual bell-like sound. But the plastic container did make for a nice 'amplifier' of the sound of tiny metal balls rolling against the insides of the bells.

Of course I brought them home. I dug through a few boxes of wires and stuff left over from when I moved two years ago, and found a piezo transducer. I stuck it to the package of bells and started recording. I very slowly rotated the package of jingle bells. The noise is produced by the balls in the bells rolling around. The loud clunks are whole bells knocking against each other. I added some reverb, and here it is:

Merry_Christmas.mp3, Mono  928kB, MP3.

This one really pleases me.