These two devices are fantastic together. Here's how I've used them together.

For indoor or dry weather outdoor recording, I used one mic stand with the 822 on it and the iriver in its case velcro-strapped to the mic clip that holds the mic. Here's a few pics:

Case attached to stand

I had to make a tiny modification to the leather case to allow the mic plug access to the 140's input connector.

case and mic connector

Here's an overview:

Mic and 140 mounted on stand

Here's a pic of the arrangement being used in a church to record a pipe organ. I would not normally choose to use a single point X-Y mic in a church like this, but the application was to record a performance demo for an organist. The organist needed a sample of her playing ability, and didn't need the high degree of recording that a pair of phantom-powered large-diaphragm condensor mics would provide. If I were recording a performance, I'd lug a mixing console and use a pair of ORTF spaced AT4050/cm5s or better.
Recorder and microphone in a Church

You can see a pair of headphones hanging on the stand, too. Here's a short clip that was the result of the above session.

Bach Sample – mp3 file, 1.22MB, 01:18

As you might be able to tell, it sounds rather monophonic, which is why I'm not too fond of using an X-Y mic arrangement at a large distance from the sound source. But in any case, the recording is quite functional. I think sounds pretty darn good considering that I carried everything I needed to make that recording in one hand!

I also use the two devices handheld. For example, I went walking through a park looking for sounds. I put the 140 in my pocket and held the mic in one hand. Here's a sound clip of water flowing over rocks in a small creek.

Creek – mp3 file, 357kB, 0:22

This arrangement is also perfect for man-on-the-street interviews.

If you have an iriver or Archos jukebox, I can reccomend replacing the factory firmware with Rockbox, an open-source alternative. In the case of the iriver H120 and H140, Rockbox fixes a number of problem that appeared in the iriver firmware. For example, the famous recording glitch is fixed. Rockbox is here.
– andrew